With many years of real world experience, Katherine Rhodes is well versed in the art of magic as both a skilled close up performer and established cabaret/stage magician. She is a member of the world famous The Magic Circle and has been called to membership of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star, the society's highest degree and only awarded to 300 people worldwide and in 2021 was elected Vice President by a wide margin. Whether mingling at a private function or with diners at a restaurant, Katherine's natural, humorous close up performance style can easily blend in and create wonder and amazement among the guests as the laws of physics are cast aside and the impossible is made a reality.

Many can testify to the extraordinary feats of magic and mind reading performed by Katherine in cabaret. Her shows are polished and professional and always performed with a heavy emphasis on humour and fun. For ten years Katherine had the honour of being the resident magician at the historic Wilton's Music Hall in London, reviving the tradition of magical entertainment on that stage and being the first professional magician to be resident there since the late 1800's. She is extremely proud to have played a part in saving this historic venue for future generations.

As well as her performance skills Katherine has acted as a magical advisor and designer on many projects from small local theatres to the West End stage and from pop videos to film and television. Producing the whole cast of a play one by one from a wardrobe centre stage, producing singer Marc Almond from an empty coffin for a Halloween special, recreating blue screen camera trickery for real in a Doctor Who spin off, making money that bursts into flames and flaming torches that turn into flowers for music videos - all challenges that have been set and met with great results.

In 2016 Katherine was elected as President of the Zodiac Magical Society, widely regarded as one of the friendliest magic societies in the country and also received The Cecil Lyle Award from The Magic Circle, the first female to win it in the society’s history. In 2019 she was elected as the Secretary of The Magic Circle by a wide margin.

Whether you need a performer for a small, intimate gathering or a full-blown show for your corporate function, Katherine can help. From banquets in stately homes to impromptu cabarets in wine bars or anything in between, all events can be accommodated.

If you would like to discuss your requirements please send an email to: info@katherinerhodes.co.uk


Katherine Rhodes is an extraordinary talent who has brilliantly woken up the spirit of magic in Wilton's. Our audiences are growing all the time for her shows and it's a delight to work with her. Frances Mayhew, Director of Wilton's Music Hall

Kate astounds and confounds me! Great illusions and excellent presentation. She has what it takes to be one of todays best illusionists. Funny too!! Marc Almond

Brilliant and funny, I lost count of how many times I thought "how the hell did she do that?" Immodesty Blaize

Katherine is always a pleasure to work with and we really cannot thank her enough for her fantastic support. Having magic at our events really does add that extra special something for the guests, all of whom are always amazed by her tricks and I've heard lots of stories of amazement, totally bemused as to how she did it! I cannot recommend Katherine highly enough – she really is a star! Laura Thompson, Events Manager for WellChild

Your wonderful table entertainment added greatly to the success of our event and we are very grateful for your support. Sharon Maxim, Secretary, Grand Order Of Lady Ratlings

Incredible feedback, utter professionalism and you added literally a 'touch of magic' to last night's ball. We are over whelmed here with the fundraising total which is somewhere in the region of £280,000 and still counting! Sophie Eaton, Major Events Manager, CLIC Sargent